10 Songs About Psychos

A psycho is a psychopathic or deranged patient who is seen as unstable. Many artists have taken inspiration from psycho to create globally famous songs. We want to introduce you to songs considered to be the best songs about psychos. Now, let’s read on to discover! Songs About Psychos 1.Psycho – Muse This song is … Read more

10 Songs That Start with The Letter Z

How many songs do you know that begin with “Z”? Probably one or two… Here is a list of ten that comprises such songs, but which cover different themes. 1. Zombie Dolores O’Riordan, who used to be the lead singer of the Irish band, Cranberries, died in 2018 at the age of forty-six. According to … Read more

20 Songs That Start With the Letter X

Whether it’s a talent for picking out catchy hooks, writing catchy lyrics, or simply having a knack for delivering great melodies, many artists know how to get their hooks across. Songs that start with X provide us with more than just some good tunes. They can provide us with inspiration, motivation, and maybe even a … Read more

Trumpet vs. Saxophone: What Are the Similarities and Differences?

The trumpet and the saxophone are both popular instruments in the band. You’ve probably heard of them but maybe never thought about the similarities and differences between the two. There are many similarities and differences between a trumpet and a saxophone. Both are “aerophones” (wind instruments) and are often found in jazz and bands. There … Read more

How to Measure Speaker Size? Get the Job Done With Some Easy Steps

When replacing speakers, you want to ensure that the new speaker is the correct size and will fit like the old one. Most speakers come with dimensions. So you can simply rely on those dimensions to buy a new one. However, if this information is missing, it is essential to measure your existing speaker before … Read more

How To Find Open Mic Nights Near You

The open mic session is a live show that occasionally occurs, weekly or monthly. It usually takes place in bars, cafes, or pubs to encourage new talents. The great thing is that whoever you are, you can sign up and perform covers or your original songs. It’s an excellent opportunity to boost your confidence by … Read more

How To Destroy Speakers From A Distance? 3 Effective Methods

It’s true that increasing the volume of your speakers is a fantastic way to foster your enjoyment of music. However, Still, neighbors playing music over speakers around the clock is one of the most annoying things that homeowners may experience. Over time, the noise only prevents people from concentrating on their work but also causes … Read more

When Does Christmas Music Start On The Radio?

If you look forward to the holiday season every year, you’ll be thrilled when the first Christmas tunes start playing on the radio. But when does Christmas music begin on the radio? Scheduling Christmas music into a radio station’s playlist may be tricky. The guidelines might change from one year to the next and from … Read more

How To Play The Jaw Harp and Not Break Your Teeth

how to play the jaw harp

The Jew’s harp, also known as the juice harp, mouth harp, or jaw harp, is a small handheld instrument played with the finger and mouth. The construction of this instrument is simple, including a minor metal U-shape body and one rod that is flicked with the finger to generate sound. There is no denying that … Read more